Micha Nussinov Documentary Films

Producer/Director/cameraman on a film " For What" (25mins)

This film is exploration of the subject 'waiting', through the lives of a variety of people of many ages, classes and ethnic groups. All subjects appearing are commonly linked by the intensity of their waiting situations, and the film itself form a cycle of 'waiting', from birth through death- to birth again.


Producer/Director/cameraman on a film "Feelings for Balance" (78mins)

Young schizophrenic patients at a mental hospital go through workshop situations in which they confront themselves. Psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses and free-movement dancer try trying to help them regain lost feeling, self expression and individual freedom.

Glimpses of children in times of change, family situation, daily events and the lives of well control and successful people are used to relate the patients' problems to our society. What is considered madness or normal is questionable.

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