meta name="description" content="Micha Nussinov photographic documentation of life on Cope Street, Redfern, Australia">
  'Cope Street' Album

Since 2005 I have been documenting 'life' in and around Redfern NSW Australia. This album is featuring street life in Cope Street Redfern, in close proximity to my studio/gallery.

In capturing these moment in my camera to give an ongoing perspectives, to my views of life around me, changing and evolving, like being in a relationship with people and place around me. The daily encounter with people in environment, so culturally diverse, has enriched my life and gave me a sense of belonging to a place.

... policewomen on horses patrolling the street... Greek neighbor pluck jasmine bush.. Jazz musicians and singers playing at Cope Street Parade Festival.. Rugbi players trained at the Center of Indigenous Excellence... passerby and people from the neighborhood walk through... Hillik my sculptor friend on his bike...Workers doing different duties: on a crane installing electric wires grills, Italian painter on a ladder...birds on wire... brick layer with an Ausie Hat... looking through my security grills .. my sculpture 'Lizi' walks about...

Should you wish to see more images, Nussinov Gallery hold extensive collection of Micha Nussinov's work, drops us a line or come and visit.

outside view of Nussinov gallery

lizi and passerby lizi behind a passerby Lizi watching my Greek neighbour
Yechiel on bike skate boarding skate board rider playing ball
police women on horses child looks at police's  horses police women on horses neigbours
plucking access of Jasmine buds my Greek neighbour cope street parade music festival  residence at festival
musician at 'Cope street music parade' Electricity pole  wires stretching along the street,  letters float in the sky  'Jesus is the lord' Italian painter reconnecting  electricity wires
outside Sydney Film School moving out workers setting up a platform to big machinery traffic controller
along electric pole crane lifts pole lifting a electricity pole over to the Rugbi field worker holds water pipe
worker leveling wall Laying turf at centre of indigineous excelence All Star Rugbi at centre of indiginious excelence rugbi at centre of indiginous excelence
on a tree mother pushing child's pram 'Animal'  arrives to Salvation Army meeting
In the lane next to gallery policeman and a civilian having conversation crossing over wet concrete family stroll with ballons night fence bars