Press Release

Micha Nussinov exhibition of photo composites


Exhibition dates: Saturday  May 1st to Sunday May 23rd, , Wednesday to Sunday
Opening hours: 11 to 6pm
Gallery name: Nussinov Gallery
Address: 56 Cope Street, Redfern, NSW 2016
Contact: mobile: 0413 592940

‘Between the layers’

Nussinov Gallery has been based in Redfern, on Cope Street for 4 years. Micha Nussinov draws from his own history and that of the community and street life that he observes and connects with. The local youth playing in the field; the local fruit shop owner, passers by- they all may well appear in different forms within his works….

Micha has a strong background in cinematography, and likes to interpret his work through different media. Thirty years of experience in painting, sculpture, photography and video.

In this exhibition of photo composites Nussinov has also drawn from his own stock library of hundreds of images. He has assembled them digitally, to create imaginary scenes of life within the urban and natural environment. Working with hand drawing techniques and computer digital technologies Micha has created very delicate artworks, atmospheric and evocative, elusive as to whether it is a photograph, a print or a painting.

The connections are both subliminal and real. Time shifts through the composites revealing the artist’s life at the same time as the community around him.

Named ‘Between the Layers’, the works present a world of ambiguity, transient and illusionary, of recognised and abstracted scenes embedded with many perspectives plotted to illustrate different relationships, challenging the viewer to unfold the mystery, to explore and discover.

The exhibition is part of ‘Head On’ photographic festival,  involves 67 venues exhibiting over 80 shows and events. Run until5 June 2010, featuring over 300 Australian and international photographers, the Festival brings together a raft of inspiring and exciting photographic events.


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