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              Nussinov Gallery, 56 Cope Street, Redfern, N.S.W. 2021, Australia    

  Working studio  
  With lots of room to manuveur , 'great natural light, soft and for painting 'true to color'. Micha is engaged in variety of activities, all links to him being multi task person who obsessively creates works of art.  
  We mount exhibitions regulary, viewing by invitation or by appointment.  
  On July 15, 2011, 50 guests saw Andreea Kindryd performed her 'From Slavery to StarTrek' . She told her stories of runaway slave ancestors, personal experiences with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X during the civil rights era, plus stories from her time working on the original Star Trek.                  
  Hiring- function venue, parties  
  We can hold a crowd of 60+ seating, or 100 standing. We can facilitate for any occasion . < inquiries >  
 outside the gallery   The Space     The Facilities      
1 110 square meters / Floor to ceiling height: 3 to 5 meters / 39 linear meters of optimal display / Soft daylight / Low voltage lighting system/ Moveable wall system 3.6 X 2.4 meter/ Boxes for sculptural display / Street level access       Hanging system: Track & line / / Sound system -mixing, recording, playback / Sony DCR VX2000 mini DVD recorder / Microphones & shotgun / 3x 800Watts Tungsten Lights /3 faze power / DVD Recorder& player / Kitchenette : fridge, cooker / computer and internet accesss
exhibition opening with Paul Pholeros       60 seats function      
Andreea Kindryd performance       left- Micha, Shaddee and Paul      
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