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              Cope56 Organisation, 56 Cope Street, Redfern, N.S.W. 2016, Australia    

  We are here, not many of us yet, you can join in to share a thought or have a dialouge, drop in a line, how you cope.Acat  

I am having conversation with you, based on many years of working through many obstcles and challenges in pursuing many artistic endeavours.Following my instinct, compulsive need to express myself in a form that can be seen or listen to has led me to many discoveries.

It is my wish to share my knowledge with other by creating a stimulating environment, ' hot house ' where people can be... whatever... do something...their own stuff. Supported by fellow artists, in making objective decision within subjective situations, in creating exhibits, in collaborating towards a show or just doing it for fun.


Living locally, visiting, you are welcome to drop in .

  controled, being in control          
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